Symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

The symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) range from bothersome to debilitating and involve the pelvic floor muscle and the pelvic organs; the bladder, the uterus or the bowel. The following lists common PFD symptoms:

  • bladder dysfunction symptoms such as incontinence, incomplete emptying, urgency and needing to pee too often or not often enough
  • bowel dysfunction symptoms such as poor control over gas, fecal incontinence, bowel urgency and needing to have bowel movements too often or suffering with constipation
  • sexual dysfunction symptoms such as pain with intercourse, difficulty with arousal, erectile dysfunction or inability to achieve orgasm
  • pelvic pain symptoms may present as bladder pain, bowel pain, uterine pain, pelvic floor muscle pain, abdominal pain or even pain referred down the legs
  • pelvic organ prolapse symptoms may present as loss of support or pressure in the abdomen, especially after lifting heavy items or prolonged standing, and can be painful and/or interfere with the function of the organ that is falling downward