Our Services

A variety of physiotherapy services are provided to our patients ranging from traditional musculoskeletal physiotherapy (e.g. treatment of sport injuries, work-related and automobile accidents, etc.), pre- and post-partum physiotherapy, and pelvic floor physiotherapy.


At Nova Physiotherapy, our Women's Health and Pelvic Floor Health programs are performed by fully certified pelvic floor physiotherapists, educated and experienced in the treatment of all forms of pelvic floor dysfunction such as bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain disorders and pelvic organ prolapse. Physios at Nova are dedicated to University accredited pelvic floor certification, mentorship and residency programs. Please see our Staff page for educational achievements. 


Commitment to offering high quality medical care based on extensive clinical experience and current evidence-based research ensures that Nova's patients work toward the best results possible from their physiotherapy care. Please view our Services page for a complete list of treatments offered at Nova Physiotherapy.